Brokers Ready to Help You Find Franchise Opportunities in St. Louis

For entrepreneurs looking to make a splash with a new business or for experienced professionals seeking more independence and a new career, purchasing a franchise allows you to enter a market more easily or expand your current business portfolio.

It’s no wonder many St. Louis business owners are searching for franchise opportunities. According to the International Franchise Association, the output of franchises is more than $900 billion a year, and the number of businesses has increased more than 100,000 over the past seven years.

When you begin searching for a franchise, turn to the Franchise Brokerage Group at ABN, LLC. We connect prospective franchisees to franchisers and assist the new buyer with financing and site selection. ABN franchise brokers have extensive franchise opportunities in the St. Louis area available now in a variety of growing industries, including retail, food service and tech. We can help you find an option that meets your location, budget and interests, and provide assistance to make the purchase as smooth as possible. It’s our proven success that has made us a renowned partner for experienced franchise owners and entrepreneurs alike.

The Benefits of a Buying a Franchise Business

  • One of the biggest benefits of franchising is that a portion of your business funding will likely be taken care of by the franchisor. Capital is invested in a franchise over time by a franchisor, which can be of assistance to an entrepreneur who has bought into the company.
  • In addition to saving money on startup costs, you have less to worry about when it comes to advertising and marketing. The franchisor pays for the advertising for their company as a whole, meaning you have to do little when it comes to encouraging customers to walk through your doors.
  • A reputation in the industry has already been established for you when you are a franchisee. The franchise has likely been in business long enough that it has now made its mark in the field so you don’t have to worry about establishing yourself among competitors.
  • As a franchise owner, you have purchasing power you wouldn’t have as an independent entrepreneur. By taking advantage of the size of the corporation, you can receive lower prices on everything from supplies and uniforms to food and furniture.
  • With a franchise, processes and operations are already set. A good franchiser has developed a system that streamlines distribution, production, output, and customer service, and simplified every step so that it can be easily recreated in each location.

With more than 300 business lines in 10 different industries, the U.S. franchise market offers a world of possibilities for talented, driven professionals who want to be their own bosses – with the continued support of their established parent companies. Contact the franchise brokers at ABN, LLC today to learn about the current franchise opportunities in the St. Louis market.

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