Let ABN Brokers Find the Right Business Opportunity for You

There may be a variety of reasons you’re considering buying a business in St. Louis. You may want to grow your market by merging with or acquiring a similar company. Or, you’re someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, looking to turn your passion into a professional career.

The Business Brokerage team at ABN, LLC in St. Louis can serve as your resource, guide and agent, not only supplying you with an extensive portfolio of businesses for sale in the St. Louis area, but ensuring they’re the right ones for your overall business goals. Our proven process gathers all the pertinent data of an existing business so you have access to key aspects of its day-to-day and overall operations. During the diligence period, we facilitate all progress against a comprehensive checklist to ensure you have everything necessary to complete the transaction.

Working with a Business Brokerage Firm

Acquiring a business is a well-defined process that matches both your qualifications and competencies with your financial resources to identify the business that fits you the best. We begin with a thorough review in each area before beginning our search for the ideal business to buy. Our objective is to find the perfect match for you so you can derive personal and financial satisfaction from the ownership experience.

Why Buy a Business in the St. Louis Region

There are many advantages to acquiring an existing business vs starting a business:

  • Immediate cash on cash return – The financial performance of the existing business is known and new owners often see cash on cash returns beginning on the first day of ownership
  • Known reputation – ABN represents businesses with good reputations and a history of servicing their markets and customers. You can assess the situation well before making a commitment to proceed.
  • Business has a foundation – Existing businesses have customers and many have extensive operating systems in place. This allows you as a buyer to come in and focus on the business operation.
  • Qualified, experienced staff – Buyers normally acquire all the existing employees in a business purchase. This is a key benefit that can save an enormous amount of time and expense when compared to building a staff in a start-up situation.

From restaurants and retail to hospitality and healthcare, there’s a business opportunity waiting for those with the drive to achieve the amazing in the business world. Contact the business brokers at ABN today so we can determine your professional objectives and present you with a list of qualified businesses for sale in St. Louis.

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