Buying or Selling a Business?

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Buy A BusinessThe business world is full of endless opportunities – for those who want a new challenge by buying a business or for those who seek a new adventure and need to sell a business quickly.

No matter your dream, whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop, a neighborhood restaurant or a high-tech startup, ABN, LLC Business Brokerage Group can connect you with other dreamers. Our experienced business brokers represent buyers and sellers of Main Street businesses with annual revenue of up to $25 million. In addition, we handle mergers, acquisitions and franchising.

All companies we serve have solid business track records and a comprehensive set of financial records. Each has been through an extensive valuation process to set realistic market price parameters for all parties. You can rest assured that players on both sides of the purchase have been fully vetted for your peace of mind.

Focused on Your Overall Business Goals

Our professionals do more than broker deals. We guide our clients to make sure selling or buying a business is the right move for them, professionally and financially. If you’re selling, we help ensure all of your hard work has paid off by getting you top dollar for your company. If you’re buying, it means presenting opportunities that align with your overall goals and budget.

Confidential Services and Unwavering Confidence

ABN brokerage engagements happen on a confidential basis. For the business owner looking to sell, this assures that customers, employees and competitors are not aware of the process. For the business buyer, confidentiality assures that they are qualified to acquire the business and can perform due diligence without distraction.

An Experienced Business Brokerage Firm with Proven Results

Using an established, well-defined process, ABN business brokers oversee and manage the entire buy/sell transaction from pre-marketing business preparation through to the closing. Our systems track all parties’ engagement during the transaction, facilitating communication and speed to completion.

It’s time to stop wishing and start living the professional life you want. Contact the business brokers at ABN to learn more about the business opportunities waiting for you in St. Louis and beyond.

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