Uncover the Unknown in Your Business with a Professional Evaluation

4SGetting a professional financial valuation is just smart business for any company. By providing an objective view of what’s really happening in your business, the business analysts at ABN, LLC in St. Louis can determine your actual worth in terms of assets, income and profit – numbers you need to make any big business decision, from expanding your staff to approaching new markets.

In addition to measuring the performance of your business on eight key dimensions and determining the current valuation through five common methodologies, our Comprehensive Analysis dives deep into the actual operations of your business. To accomplish this, ABN dispatches a senior executive to your business location who spends several days reviewing all aspects of your company, including financials, staff and customer base.

How We Perform a Business Valuation

A true evaluation requires more than just crunching numbers – that’s why you have accountants. Instead, we work with you to provide a benchmark in all areas of your business so you know where challenges lie – and where opportunities await.

  • Our analyst begins by determining the current position of your business. Utilizing business reports, ABN performs a comprehensive analysis of your business operation over time. The analysis allows you to speak to us and show us your demonstrated capability for improvement – and those specific areas that may require additional attention.
  • We’ll ask you to provide a report on the performance of ownership. Using a simple evaluation technique, we’ll illustrate how you can use common business reports to create a report card for yourself and measure your progress over time.
  • Our analysis also determines the current liquidity of the business and discovers precisely where the break-even point occurs. It goes on to detail the working capital employed in the business and takes a more thorough look at accounts receivable, a key component of working capital.
  • Finally, we use a tested methodology for measuring the likelihood of insolvency, or the inability to pay off your debts. If the data provided for analysis included multiple periods, we’ll be able to look at this measurement over time and see if the business likelihood is improving or deteriorating.

As a business analyst, ABN is not here to provide judgment, but to uncover those little nuances that can help – or hurt – your company moving forward and provide objective guidance to lead you where you want to go to the future. It’s our way to make St. Louis companies and the region as a whole stronger today and in the future.

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