Statistically proven methods for increasing the value of a business

Many business owners like you know exactly how much money flows in and out of your company each day. But do you really know the true value of your business, or in other words, how much a knowledgeable and interested buyer might be willing to pay to purchase it?

Most business owners don’t.

And when the numbers are finally revealed, they discover they are worse off than they thought – or in a better place than they ever imagined!

A business valuation, or business analysis, can help you clarify your current and future financials as well as determine what your business would be worth in the open market. Our business analysts are experts in valuing private businesses, working directly with you to immerse ourselves in your operations, financials and industry. Once the evaluation is completed, we present it in clear, concise language so you can plainly see where you stand now and down the road. With a thorough analysis, you will make smarter, better-informed business decisions in all aspects of your company.

Business Evaluations for Main Street Businesses

ABN business analysts provide three levels of valuation to meet your needs and budget

Value Builder Online Assessment 

With Value Builder, our online analysis tool, you can receive a professional valuation in minutes. The web-based interview format takes just 15 minutes to complete. Once you’re finished, ABN business analysts deliver a report which summarizes the position of your company in the eight key areas business buyers look at. As a bonus, the output report compares your current business position to that of the average performance of others in your industry.

“What is My Business Worth?” Workbook

Straight-forward and simple-to-read, our DIY workbook allows you to easily calculate the monetary value of your business using your own financial reports. Written in common language, it outlines how professionals would view your business based on its financial performance to give you a basic understanding of your current situation. You’ll learn how to analyze your finances and how to improve your cash flow.

Comprehensive Business Valuation

Our most extensive analysis reviews all aspects of your business, building on details from the two services highlighted above. To accomplish a business evaluation, ABN will dispatch a senior executive to your location where he or she will spend several days analyzing every facet of your company, diving into your consumer base, competitors, operations, and financials. With these numbers in hand, you get an upper hand in negotiations with buyers and investors.

The Benefits of a Market Valuation


Main Street business owners rarely turn to a third-party business analyst until they’re ready to sell – but they always should if they want to get the maximum value for their company. The reason is simple – a thorough analysis gives them leverage in talks with a potential buyerIn most cases, small business owners never turn to a third-party business analyst until they’re ready to sell. The reason is simple – a thorough analysis gives them leverage in talks with a potential buyer. However, knowing what your business is worth throughout the life of your company benefits you in numerous ways, including:

  • It provides the clear financial picture investors, banks and other capital funders require in order to determine whether or not they’ll provide capital for your business.
  • It helps protect you against costly litigation in the event of a dispute with a departing partner or dissenting shareholder, or in the case of a divorce when both spouses are owners of the business.
  • It provides the market value the government requires when filing Tax Form 709 or when reporting estate tax, minimizing your risk of an IRS challenge.

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